How to choose my size?

IMPORTANT: The measurements shown are taken flat, so you must double them to get the exact size (except for body length).

You're hesitating between two sizes? Don't worry! Our size guide is here to help you take your measurements and find the perfect size ♡

Measuring the chest size

Using a measuring tape, take your measurements at the fullest point of your chest.

Measuring the waistline

This time, it's at the narrowest point that you should place your measuring tape!

Measuring the pelvis

Finally, for all trousers, jeans and skirts, the pelvis is measured at the widest point of your hips.

Measuring the body length

This measurement depends on the garment you choose: it can start at the neck (dress, suit, all tops) or at the pelvis (all bottoms), and stop at the waist, knees, ankles, etc.

So trust your size, you know it better than we do ;)

And that's it!

And if you still have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask our customer service for advice.