Portrait d'une petite étoile

Who is she?


... first and foremost this light that we see in every woman and that our brand aims to unveil et magnify through its clothing line. Along the trends and the seasons, depending on the moods and the affections, the feminine closet is reinterpreted à la française throughout the year. 

... a story of fashion and confidence that is constantly renewed. An endless story, written by and for several hands, that we tell with passion through our chapters. Each collection is a chance to play with prints and words, shapes and colours... The result? A consistent and perfectly tailored wardrobe that just makes one want to get dressed... and shine! 

... finally the story of a family. The one you choose for yourself and that changes your life. In the beginning, two hearts driven by the same desire: to allow women to be themselves through accessible and quality fashion, with a brand that is both bold and elegant. Today, our constellation has expended and our little star invites you in its galaxy. 


LA PETITE ÉTOILE, it is us, but above all you!