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Our star is back in the literary news. With novels, essays, adventures and travels, she's escaping from everyday life. Wearing a cotton blouse with colourful embroidery and her favourite velvet trousers, our star combines comfort and elegance. She loves getting lost in the narrow streets of Paris, exploring secret passages and discovering new wonders.

The end of the holidays is often seen as a symbol of renewal, both professionally and personally.

Veste Liven — Ecru
Chemise Amabel — Tie and Dye
Ceinture Cassia — Camel
Pantalon Marisol — Ecru

It's time to set the record straight and look at the new must-haves to add to your collection.

Robe Gaia — Tie and Dye
Pantalon Brieg D — Kaki
Sac Wood — Camel

Veston Gifur — Pied de poule
Tee-shirt Calliopy — Choco
Pantalon Karama — Tabac

Veste Mattie — Petits carreaux
Body Lanya — Ecru
Jupe Veveine — Camel

Top Rosila — Noir
Jupe Calliopy — Blanc
Pantalon Adlaide - Kaki

Robe Lawry — Kaki

Robe Miraya — Rose

Tee-shirt Enjoy — Caramel
Ceinture Elma — Camel
Jupe Rowan — Geo

Pull Makena — Orange
Trench Eulalie — Beige

Pull Isaline — Geo
Pantalon Cady — Caramel

Veste Kyra — Caramel
Blouse Marjo — Marron/Ecru
Ceinture Idona — Marron
Jeans Sonny E — Ecru
Sac Jim — Marron

Pull Asha — Ecru/Marron
Jeans Sonny — Wash

Trench Eulalie — Marron
Ceinture Coral — Marron

Pull Aubine — Marron
Jupe Veveine — Noir

Coupe vent Stallia F — Bronze
Pull Malaly — Camel
Pantalon Karama — Noir

Doudoune Aulex — Vert foncé
Chemise Azura — Carreaux

Pull Sade — Vert foncé
Ceinture Idona — Camel
Jeans Sonny - Ecru

Caraco Coraline — Noir
Pantalon Karama — Noir

Robe Enso — Vert
Ceinture Elma — Kaki

Caraco Coraline — Kaki
Ceinture Cassia — Kaki
Pantalon Sonny Velours — Beige

Coupe vent Rainy Long — Kaki
Chemise Sanda — Vert

Top Rosila — Kaki
Pantalon Latea — Vert

Robe Ezio — Noir
Ceinture Idona — Noir

Robe Delanay — Noir
Sac Jim — Noir

Robe Lawry — Noir

Body Izara — Noir
Pantalon Cady — Noir

Tee-shirt Roll in — Framboise
Jupe Adlaide — Nude
Sac Jim — Rouge

Veston Livena — Ecru
Blouse Kiana — Patchwork
Ceinture Elma — Camel
Pantalon Sonny Velours — Framboise

Blouse Liona — Poudre
Pantalon Marisol — Framboise cuite

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