"Back to school" Lookbook


« Back to school »

A new campus, a new playground: our history of fashion and confidence renewed at every moment is rewritten on a new page! 

Between neo-classicism, modernity and romanticism, the season's essentials are on hand to help you compose silhouettes to suit your every whim... so you can go back to school in style!

Revising the classics

At the heart of this new chapter,
the desire to find your marks
and be pretty with a wardrobe 
inspired by the campus atmosphere and its many facets.

Books under our arms or glasses on the nose, 
our star modernises a silky petticoat
with a pair of sneakers,
and breaks up her smart suit
with a hoodie...

Back to school !

The new season is intended to be plural:
between neo-classicism, modernity and romanticism,
we're revising our classics in fashion as well as in music
to compose silhouettes
according to your desires!

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Academy T-shirt — Green
Alsaw Skirt — Prince of Wales
Academy Sweatshirt — Green
Solferinos Jumper — Ecru
Beatrice Jumper — White
Pampille Overalls — Stone
Farago Trench — Olive
Academy T-shirt — Green
Alsaw Skirt— Prince of Wales
Farago Trench — Beige
Gandy Jumper — Ecru
Velvet Marceo Trousers — Ecru
Isra Dress — Green

Louine Blouse — Green
Velvet Marceo Trousers — Ecru

Skirt Scarlett — White
Ivena Jumper — Ecru
Velvet Marceo Trousers — Ecru
Stalia reversible windbreaker — Gold 
River Turtleneck Jumper — Liberty
Belia Sleeveless Jumper — Powder Pink
Velvet Marceo Trousers — Antique Pink 
Rainy Windbreaker - Nacre
Orlina Jumper - Ecru
Sonny Jeans - Black
Dixon Belt - Camel
Marcell Skirt — Liberty
Dixon Belt — Camel
Jeans Sonny — Grey
« Back to school »
Le vestiaire qui vous fait rentrer en toute classe !
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