"Excentrique chic!" Lookbook


« Excentrique chic ! »

For this new chapter, as chic as it is eccentric, our star was inspired by the Parisian effervescence and its mishmash of urban art and colours!

Our collection dances to retro tunes and revolves around several influences:
ethnic, dandy, bohemian, vintage...

Excentrique chic !

With its Parisian je ne sais quoi,
our new collection is an ode to mix & match;
a cocktail of styles, ideas, eclectic colours
and energies, so typical of our City of Light...

In short, a wardrobe combining mischief and nonchalance,
which skilfully plays with contrasts
for cultural vitality à la française!
Nidoni Jacket - Hazelnut
Alaia Blouse - Seventies
Felon Trousers - Hazelnut

Coulours which pop!

With an eccentricity as distinguished and controlled as ever,
colours explode, expose themselves and come to life!

Our abundant colour chart offers polychromatic pieces
to mix with style and freedom...
Messer Dress — Seventies
Ezra Belt — Camel

Pull Oxane — Orange
Eolia Skirt — Seventies

Yzzi dress - Brown
Asantie Jumper - Orange
Beyer Belt - Camel
Yazzi Dress — Orange
Dixon Belt — Camel
Larsac Jacket — Carreaux
Esmael Skirt — Orange

Reve Velvet Jumpsuit — Beige
Oxane Jumper — Orange

Villy Coat — Carreaux
Azaley Dress — Green
Amadeus Belt — Camel
Mattie Coat — Small carreaux
Bessora Jumper — Green 
Lancelot Trousers — Cocoa 
Neddy Jumper — Beige/green
Amadeus Belt — Camel
Felon Trousers — Hazelnut 
Katias reversible coat — Green/gold
« Excentrique chic ! »
From London to Paris, our colourful ode to mix and match!
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