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« Le Rendez-vous»

The new season begins with celebrations. An opportunity
for a rendezvous.

To say yes, to celebrate loved ones, love, family, friends and children,
Friends, Children, to celebrate their arrival, their success, joy, unity....

Or just a rendezvous to say thank you for the summer, with your friends for a cocktail on the terrace! Every occasion is first and foremost a rendezvous with yourself, for yourself, an opportunity to look beautiful, to be in harmony, to reconnect with loved ones.

Veste Aileen — Rose
Body Winona — Blanc
Pantalon Sylvain — Rose

Robe Edithe — Graphique
Sac Jim — Rose

Un vestiaire spécial pour des occasions spéciales, à vivre en

Top Alliyah — Beige
Jupe Agatha — Bleu

Robe Annemarie — Bleu

Top Alliyah — Beige
Ceinture Dixon — Camel
Jeans Brielle — Bleu

Veste Aileen — Bleu
Tee-shirt Matilda — Blanc
Short Amelya — Bleu

If you're looking for the ultimate in chic, a supple yet colourful suit will make you shine. Printed maxi dresses full of allure, very graphic for a haughty silhouette.

Blouse Monika — Blanc
Pantalon Sylvain — Bleu
Sac Jim — Orange

Robe Edna — Graphique

Pull Roberta — Rose
Pantalon Sylvain — Beige

Veste Aileen — Beige
Tee-shirt Safia — Rose
Short Adelita — Beige

In the mood for romance? delicate crochet pieces like a free-spirited icon of the sixties... In the mood for freedom, a large, layered skirt as a first step towards the sweetness of summer.

Pull Roberta — Blanc
Ceinture Ezra — Camel
Jupe Darina — Vert

Robe Skylar — Beige

Caraco Royce — Vert
Short Amelya — Beige

Robe Aeron — Beige

Robe Afia — Rouge
Sac Jim — Camel

Body Winona — Vert
Pantalon Adria — Vert

"LE RENDEZ-VOUS" is just that, a collection,
a collection full of simplicity and natural elegance, for all celebrations, from the most formal to the most intimate.

A wardrobe for those unique moments when you want to be yourself.

Ethnic or graphic prints take us on a journey to admire the first rays of spring sunshine.

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