"Signature Line" Lookbook

A special star... with its Signature line!

Autumn, the season when nature is decked out in its warmest colours...

The perfect opportunity for our star to continue to draw its line and sign with its most beautiful pen a capsule that captures hearts!



Our "Signature line" is a new page that we are writing, a capsule created in Italy with particular attention paid to softness and colours.

The first steps of our star towards a better model; it is an exclusive and ultra-limited series of knitwear and essentials of a quality that we wanted, for you, superior...
Yann Cardigan
Entwy Dress


Satin, baby alpaca, mohair...
Our colour range is soft
and sunny, just like the stars
that illuminate our constellation!

The colours are pep's and vitaminized,
with electric blue, sparkling pink,
a green that lights up, a pretty violet
and orange(s) to play with!

To accompany them,
a few prints that are not lacking in style
finish off our Signature line...
Roger Shirt
Town Shirt
Yann Cardigan
Carene Neckless
Naos Earrings
Naos Earrings
Adhara Neckless
Moon Dress

Pull Vanega
Kith Skirt

Pete Dress
Jared Belt 

"Signature Line"
Our 100% Italian capsule full of... cachet!
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