Lookbook « Renaissance 70's »


« Renaissance 70's »

The '70s are invading our dres-
sing with a touch of madness, warm colors
and shimmering patterns.

A harmony of autumnal colors,
vitamin-rich oranges, striking purples
violet and captivating shades of blue.

A palette of colorful prints,
geometric, slightly psychedelic
large and small,
stripes and floral motifs.

Let's give free rein to our creativity
our boldness to be sparkling
to face the first chill
of autumn.

Veste Ermine — Noir
Pull Edda — Orange
Ceinture Dixon — Camel
Jeans Imogen — Wash

Manteau Kamia — Carreaux
Pull Lunia — Orange/marron
Jeans Sonny — Brut

Pull Edda — Orange
Salopette Gaston — Leopard

Salopette Gaston — Choco

Pull Killa — Orange
Ceinture Coccinelle — Marron
Pantalon Atlanta V — Marron

Robe Kamo — Marron
Ceinture Jared — Camel
Pull Luma — Ruggine

Pull Effie — Beige/rose
Pantalon Zeline — Noisette

Manteau Erman — Rose
Pull Dove — Beige
Salopette Gaston — Vieux rose

Veste Zielda — Vert Amande
Pull Edda — Violet
Ceinture Amadeus — Camel
Pantalon Ugo — Vert Amande

Robe Ebony — Noir

Blouse Voline — Burgundy
Short Aldo — Choco

Pull Lunia — Beige/camel
Jupe Menna — Geo

Blouse Marjani — Carreaux rose
Gilet Crea — Choco

Ceinture Idona — Camel
Pantalon Atlanta — Beige

Ceinture Coral — Marron
Pantalon Moona — Geo

Gilet Crea — Beige
Pull Dove — Choco

Robe Linea — Vert

Veste Iliah — Bleu
Jeans Brieg — Deep wash

Chemise Omine — Bleu rayé
Pull Luma — Bleu

Veste Ziela — Kaki
Top Mandisa — Kaki
Pantalon Amio — Bleu

Robe Zoline — Geo kaki

Pull Milanda — Choco rayé
Jupe Zolia — Geo Kaki

Pull Sierra — Ecru
Robe Millo — Beige

Gilet Crea — Ecru
Top Mandisa — Ecru

Robe Siria — Kaki
Ceinture Coral — Doré

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