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Sparkling, shimmering joy in sequins and metallic knitwear, sparkle in firework colours, 70s jacquard or gold polka-dot velvet for rock star or femme fatale dancefloor style.

Under the lights of the disco ball, anything goes!

Sexy, conquering, perfectly-cut little dresses to keep you having fun until the wee hours of the morning! Trouser suits to lead the way and make a statement....

Our evening programme? Celebrate, dance, sing at the top of your lungs, and shine like a star, of course!

Veste Rozalie — Noir
Top Bonie — Écru
Pantalon Vega — Doré

Robe Alixy — Noir

Robe Alixy — Mordore

Robe Ariana — Noir

Tee-shirt Elvie V — Noir
Ceinture Cassia — Noir
Jupe Kylis — Tigrette

Veste Vaira — Noir
Pantalon Amazie — Noir

Robe Alphy — Mordore

Robe Dariane — Argent

Combipantalon Felixia — Doré

Body Sinia — Mordore/Noir
Jeans Maude — Noir
Pantalon Lior — Noir

Top Tahisse — Noir
Jeans Sonny — Gris

Veste Lezo — Rose orange
Body Sinia — Champagne
Pantalon Paddo — Rose orange

Robe Hevanna — Nore

Top Bonie — Noir
Jupe Elitte — Noir

Tee-shirt Elvie V — Kaki
Short Zemira — Noir

Blouse Horiana — Noir
Pantalon Hajar — Noir

Tee-shirt Owa — Noir
Short Zemira — Noir

Robe Tyana — Noir

Body Hevanna — Rose

Robe Osmond — Sirene

Ensemble Ernes — Rose
Robe Alphy — Rose

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